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A procedure we commit ourselves to performing here in our offices is circumcision. Studies have shown that rates for circumcision among newborns have gone from 83% to 77% over the course of the last 50 years. Among males in the United States from their teens to 60 the rate stays at a stable 81%.

While percentages have gone down, circumcision is a procedure that ensures nothing but safety for our male children. The great news is that over the years circumcision has become easier and a decision that brings very little room for factors of fear.

Typically we recommend going about the procedure within the first two months of the child’s life. We are well aware of the concern that pain and discomfort might come to your child which is why we use a local anesthesia to numb the baby’s perception of pain before every procedure.

Why is circumcision such an important thing to do? Well there are multiple health benefits such as: a decreased chance of risking a urinary tract infection, a reduced risk of STD’s, penile cancer protection is drastically increased which reduces the chances of women acquiring cervical cancer and prevention of the inflammation of the glans and of the foreskin.

While we push for all qualified newborns to receive the procedure it is a decision that can be made later in life as well. Be aware that the basis of your decision could sway the decision of your insurance company to cover for your procedure.

While we here believe that the procedure will and always will be matter for safety and improvement of hygiene procedures done later in life that are sparked for any other medical reason later in life could be subject to be classified as cosmetic surgery. Make sure to communicate with your insurance and review the package they have set up for you. That being said we do refer our patients to experienced surgeons to assist with these procedures.

Do not delay! Circumcision is not a forced scenario but it is highly recommended for left untreated could ultimately be fatal! We do not wish that for any of our clients. We offer great care and compassion to all ages in order to ensure safety to your lives.

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