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Our practice is committed to the latest standards in medicine. One of the ways that we are differentiating ourselves from the rest of the practices out there that are in charge of taking care of your children’s needs is that we are committed to electronic medical records.

Electronic medical records or EMR is one of the newest standards in healthcare. Essentially it is a commitment to limiting patient errors and affording the maximum potential to share the appropriate information with peers or appropriate personnel should they need to be involved in your healthcare decisions.

It is certainly our goal to maintain the highest level of compliance when it comes to patient confidentiality and patient privacy. To learn more about our privacy policy HIPPA, please visit our page on patient privacy.

The added benefit of using in the EMR is that we are also able to process prescriptions much more efficiently through a practice. In years past you would have to spend time trying to get a hold of the nurse and the pharmacy where is now our EMR is connected with other state of the art medical records information and we are able to process your request much faster and more efficiently.

This translates into better service for you and better care for our patients.

We understand the needs of a worried parent when it comes to the health their children. We take every necessary precaution to ensure the highest level of communication in our industry.

What’s more? We are also interfaced with the latest software and HL seven’s in order to be able to bridge the future communication and interface with other practices and healthcare service providers.

When we enter the room we have all of your information at the touch of our fingertips. There are no more charts to worry about it is simply streamlined efficiency.

This is one of the ways that we are setting ourselves apart from other contenders in our industry.

We invite you to book an appointment today and experience the difference.

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