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As our population grows, the risk for children illness grows. The burden falls greatly upon the shoulders of you, the parents, and here we are committed to lifting off that unwanted weight from your family.

Through our knowledge and extensive research that we have conducted over the course of our years of medicine, we have uncovered multiple illnesses that children are prone to. We are committed to treating as well as helping guide your children through these difficult hurdles in life. Our clinic has a primary focus on three different cases which we will go over.

Our first focus is on asthma and allergy. Allergies and asthma are a very real situation in our world. While still growing, statistics show that 8% of Americans suffer from asthma and more than half of asthma attacks statistics come from children who suffer from diverse sources of sicknesses such as allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis. Children are also extremely prone to allergies as their immune systems are still in the processes of reaching their peaks. Anatomically speaking, if left untreated severe results could come sooner in children which is why here we are always focused on staying one step ahead with many treatments including spirometry (a test for lung functioning) which we recommend at least once a year.

Our second focus is on ADHD. In our offices we do provide services of medical treatment for our patients who suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). However we also stay true to where the root of the problem stems from, the mind. Because of this we offer counseling and invest not just the time into diagnosing the children but invest time “into” the children.

Finally we focus on cholesterol. Here in the United States, obesity has a high growth rate with more than 30% of the population suffering high cholesterol. While we can checks the fasting cholesterol in our offices upon each visit (as needed based on availability of phlebotomist and blood draws), we use the same methodology dynamics from our ADHD patients and put value on investing time “into” the children; planting seeds of wisdom and providing mentorship on the pathway to developing an amazing weight management strategy for their futures.

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