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Here in our offices we offer physical examinations for our patients who are involved in sports or any physical activity that requires approval from a doctor in order to go about continuing the activity.

While typically the Pre-Participation Physical Exam is targeted for the adolescents, we are aware that families look to put their children into local little leagues and plant the seeds of physical fitness and we are supportive of it! Because of this we offer the physical examination to children and all ages.

We are aware that for some age groups there is a natural sense of uncomfortableness that could be felt. We want to ensure you that we that we are very caring and compassionate with our patients. We always aim to exceed the highest expectations of professionalism.

What is the purpose of the physical examination? Many patients that have walked through it from a visual perspective will see it as a simple checkup. However there is a much larger picture that we through many years of experience try to hone in on.

As with all examinations and procedures that are recommended and at times required, the root for their existence is to prevent any unfortunate events that could result in harm to your bodies. There are many health benefits to the physical examination such as the following: to prevent the risk of sudden death of athletes, to find any conditions that may need more attention before participating in further physical activity, orthopedic conditions and finally to identify substance abuse, STD’s, pregnancy and depression.

These health benefits would certainly vary from age group to age group however one thing will always remain consistent; physical examinations are designed for your overall safety and to identify any undetectable physical conditions that would come into conflict with that goal.

Risk can occur at any age and it would be against our will and desires to let that slide. We encourage all of our clients to step forward and to take the necessary measures to ensure their safety throughout all stages of their lives and we would be honored to walk the road with you!

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