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Ring Worm


Does the mere mention of the word “ringworm” give you the creeps? Does it conjure up images of wriggling things that are alive under round red patches on the skin?

The idea that ringworm is caused by actual worms is a myth. (Thank goodness.) Worms are not involved at all.

Ringworm, according to WebMD, is caused by a fungus. The skin condition gets its name because the fungus often presents itself in a ring-like pattern of red spots. However, ringworm can also present as bumpy red patches or, on the scalp, as flaky red pimples.
Kids are more likely than adults to get ringworm, and it’s highly contagious. So if you suspect that your child may have it, please call us at Primary Care Pediatrics right away, or call your established Orlando pediatrician or Central Florida pediatrician. You don’t want to let the condition on your child go untreated.

What Causes Ringworm?

Ringworm is a fungal infection. It spreads through direct contact with an infected person or animal (yes, animals can have ringworm). It can even be spread if a person touches a surface that an infected person or animal has brushed against.

How Is Ringworm Treated?

Antibiotics are no good on ringworm because they only kill bacteria. Ringworm must be treated with antifungal medications that your child will either apply as a lotion that’s rubbed on their skin or take orally. Scalp ringworm is treated with a prescription shampoo and an antifungal medicine taken by mouth.

Ringworm medicine usually has to be taken or applied for several weeks to completely get rid of the infection. Often a doctor will treat other people in the household for ringworm at the same time, since it is so contagious.

Before You Bring Your Child to See Us

You can help us make an accurate diagnosis of your child’s rash if you come in prepared. Have this info ready before the visit:

  • The day you first noticed the rash (rings/pimples/spots) on your child
  • What the rash looked like at first
  • If there’s a pet or family member who already has ringworm
  • If your child is feeling itching or pain with the rash
  • If you’ve used any medications already to try to treat it

We’re here to help you weather your child’s medical storms and give you peace of mind throughout. Call us with any questions or concerns.

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