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We understand that the cost for treatment can be a topic of discussion that many individuals cringe about especially in the United States. Medical costs are higher now than ever before with emergency room visits escalating as high as $525 for one checkup.

This is certainly not a passage to encourage our clients to refrain from visiting their local emergency room for sudden sick days as there are severe cases that require the expertise of examiners in that of an emergency care facility. However we are well aware that many families go to these units due to the rejections of their local doctor or pediatrics office for walk ins.

For understandable reasons some offices stick to their “no walk ins’’ policy and while our office respects that, we do everything in our power to ensure our clients are well taken care of and to know that they can put their upmost faith and trust into our services. Here we do keep spots saved in our daily schedule for same day urgent care patients.

The best way to go about conducting this matter is to call us the morning of to schedule your appointment in order to make the most proper and convenient arrangements. During our call if we see that we do not have an open spot available to be filled we ask the family to come in within 24 hours.

Here we want our clients to be comfortable to call us at whenever time they need us. We are in the business to help and that starts from the phone with a smile and welcome. Aside from our services of same day urgent care, we offer the opportunity to schedule sick appointments for future dates. Regardless of the availability we could have from a day to day basis we want to provide you with the tools you need to feel as secured about your appointment as possible.

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